Monday, July 6, 2009


I was reading Ketmany's blog,and she was tagged to do this, and suggested that everyone should too!

You have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Then you have to tag ten people with the award. Finally, let all the people you've given the award know they've gotten it (comment their blogs or something). Don't forget to link back to the person who awarded you.

1. i LOVE heights. i wish i could fly. i love to rock climb, and get as high as possible, and go zip-lining through forest tops, its so freaking amazing!!! hot alll the time. i dont know why, i think im hot blooded. i dont even use blankets in the winter, and hardly ever wear wierd

3. i love to read. even when i first immigrated here when i was in the second grade, and just learning english, i could read better than most fith graders in my school.i could always read at a higher level, reading takes me to places in my mind that i didnt even know existed, i love living in the fantasy in my may be childish, but i can be whoever i want to be when i read.i love it imagination is at work alll the time...i could be walking down the street with lily, and the whole time, im picturing us in a whole differnt setting, we could be tourist in a foreign land, or fugitives on the run, undercover...i sound crazy, huh?

5. i cant swim. i've tried, and am a toatal failure when i get in the water. i've had many near -death experiences involving swimmimg pools.

6.i love to try new foods, im very adventurous when it comes to eating, i will try anything!!!, raw, brains, blood, squirrell, snails,frogs,whatever, you name it, if u can convince me it tastes good, i will eat it!, and probably enjoy it too!!!

7. growing up, alot of ppl(old cambodian ppl) used to tell me that we shouldn't associate with vietnamese ppl, cause they're the enemy,and they stole our land, and most cambodian/vietnamese youth dont get along in chicago because our parents are stupid!!!, i think its all verry stupid. we're not living there, and we dont even know what really happened, my best friends are vietnamese, thier names is Tuyet and Tuyen, and tuyet is lily's godmother. im really big into cultural traditions, but would never practicice anything that involves any kind of hate!

8. i HATE mean ppl. i just dont ever see any reason for ppl to be nasty/ mean to one another AT ALL, its a waste of time ,emotion, energy, i just really hate ppl who are negative all the time too!!! i dont understand ppl who go out of thier way to make someone else feel bad , do they get off on other people's pain or what?

9. i dont tend to show it, but i am very sensitive. i am working on not taking ppl too seriously when i'm being criticized, or judged, my mom was always really hard on me, and her standards were always really high, ( i had to get straight A's in every subject,in regular schol, and weekend cambodian school, she put me on diet pills when i was in middle school, cause i was chunky..)but even though most people would see it as her being mean or controlling, i see it as her just wanting the best for me, its a tough world out there, she was just tryin to help, even though it was NOT in the best way...she's better now, she keeps her opinions to herself!!!

10. i started this blog as a mommy blog, but then after reading around, and meeting all different types of ppl, and thier blogs, i realized, i can do whatever the fuck i want!!! most mom blogs are kind of boring, and i also didnt realize there were so many young moms(like me) out there! those kinds od blogs helped me to re-discover myself, before blogspot, i really didnt think it was possible to be a young mom, and still be stylish or into makeup, o had really let myself go, and given up on fashion/beauty realated things, but reading all these blogs made me think

"if she can do it, i can too!!", and most of these beautiful young ladies have more than one kid!!, and i feel so in love with myself !!! i feel pretty!, and i know that i can be a good mom, and pamper myself a little every now and then!

thanks for reading! and if you've havent done this tag already, please do so!